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BenefitGOLF Custom Golf Gloves

These 100% Cabretta Leather golf gloves make a great Tee Gift, save you in this down economy 66% from an embroidered shirt and appreciated just as much.   Add this to your Super Value Ticket-SVT and you will sell more, even at a higher price.  BG will provide client names to back up that statement.


The Shriners send out a glove after the tournament with a thank you note and announcement when and where next years tournament will be.  This also enables them to get email and US postal addresses at the tournament, raise the level of the event and ask for an additional donation.


Our overseas factory will match any style glove we offer.  Your logo color of choice can be made to match all the piping and trim which makes our gloves unique.  Simple text on the gloves packaging is included in the price.  Sponsors logo can be prominently displayed on the packaging for $.25 ea. glove.  We know sizing from previous tournaments held.




200+ Gloves  -  $6.95 each.    This price is offered to clients hiring BG to run its SVT Program.

150+ Gloves  -  $7.95 each.    Most popular.

100+ Gloves  -  $8.95 each.    Minimum order.



No art, sublimation, set up or delivery charges.  Pay us on delivery.





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