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BenefitGolf Benefit Golf, Golf Tampa, Golf Pinellas
BenefitGolf, Benefit Golf, Golf Tampa, Golf Pinellas
BenefitGolf, Benefit Golf, Golf Tampa, Golf Pinellas


BenefitGOLF and event coordinator will come up with a custom-made Super Value Ticket package (SVT).  It can be modified, however we suggest the following; 





  • 2 Mulligans

  • Scratch off card.  Winner receives a brand new set of golf irons from BenefitGOLF.

  • 2 raffle tickets or as many as you choose.  Remember they cost you nothing. BenefitGolf provides some raffle items separate from what you may bring.

  • Free Golf Club (USUALLY CHOICE OF HYBRIDS OR WEDGES) from one of our client club manufacturers.   Eg; a hybrid golf club is $120 steel and $130 graphite on manufacturer’s web site.  Player pays shipping and handling only.

  • PUTTING & PAR 3 HOLES; Putting contest - Winner receives a World of Beer or Westchase GC free round of Golf gift certificate or similar prize.  Volunteer required. Closest to the pins wins Dinner Gift Certificates and a Ft. Lauderdale Casino Cruise.  

  • Par 3-Poker-Optional

  • Winner to receive a 3 day/2 night stay at one of many Ramada Inn resorts.   

​ ** Par 3 Poker will need 2-4 volunteers on the course.  Volunteers will receive a packet with instructions to take out to the holes.  SVT purchaser receives 3 playing cards at registration.   More cards are given out if the player does well on par 3 holes.  



  • BenefitGOLF will put together all the SVT packages to be handed out at registration.

  • BenefitGOLF will provide the SVT graphic sign.  BenefitGolf will print the flyers for the golf carts so the players know what each colored ticket are for.  

  • BenefitGOLF will sell the SVT’S.

  • BenefitGOLF provides the golf clubs, vacations, decks of cards, scratch off cards, dinner certificates and coupons and free golf club vouchers. 


NOTE: Contest promotions are subject to change.


Without Glove

120-144 + players = Charity 70% - BenefitGOLF 30%

100-119    players = Charity 65% - BenefitGOLF 35%

  72-   99    players = Charity 60% - BenefitGOLF 40%


Golf Outings

<72 players are a 50/50 split by management approval only – < 50 players, sharing of clubs expense or elimination may be negotiated to make the program work.


With Glove

Same as above, however BenefitGOLF only takes commission on the first $28.  The next $7 covers your cost of the gloves.  Gloves price is reduced with the SVT Program.  There is no out of pocket expense.  Gloves cost can come out of SVT sales the day of the tournament.  Minimum order is 100 gloves.  Client is responsible for the total cost of the gloves regardless of the player count.  Any left over gloves can be sold at the awards banquet, given to sponsors or held for next years tourney, etc.




Client pays BenefitGOLF $15 per player for golf gloves and to run the SVT Program which includes all the prizes and giveaways.


Charge cards fees if used are at our processing fee of 3.6%.



BenefitGOLF does not charge a fee to help in your fundraising.  At registration we need to set up next to the volunteers checking in the players in order to give us a proper chance to maximize svt sales.  In addition, there should be no selling of additional mulligans.  Additional raffle ticket sales by client is fine but not before we have an opportunity to sell our program.  Other raffle tickets can be sold after passing us, however keep in mind you have all day and at dinner to sell more.


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